Masters of Habit: The Wisdom and Writing of Maya Angelou

Sadly, Maya Angelou, the great American author and poet, has passed away. She was known for her award-winning autobiographies as well as for her numerous plays, scripts, poems, and essays. Her most famous work, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, has sold millions upon millions of copies. It holds the record for the longest-running[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

Do Things You Can Sustain

In 1996, Southwest Airlines was faced with an interesting problem. During the previous decade, the airline company had methodically expanded from being a small regional carrier to one with a more national presence. And now, more than 100 cities were calling for Southwest to expand service to their location. At a time when many airline[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

How to Solve Difficult Problems by Using the Inversion Technique

Here’s a new framework for thinking about how you solve difficult problems (like losing weight and getting fit, creating more innovation in your company, learning a new skill, or otherwise changing your behavior). I call this strategy the Inversion Technique and author Josh Kaufman covers it in his book, The First 20 Hours. Here’s how[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]