How to Read More: The Simple System I’m Using to Read 30+ Books Per Year

Warren Buffett, the man commonly referred to as the greatest investor of the 20th century, was standing in front of 165 wide-eyed students from Columbia University. One of the students raised his hand and asked Buffett for his thoughts on the best way to prepare for an investing career. After thinking for a moment, Buffett[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

How to Get Better Sleep: The Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming Sleep Deprivation

On February 13, 1972, Michel Siffre climbed into a cave in southwest Texas. It would be six months before he saw daylight again. Siffre was a French scientist and a pioneer in chronobiology, which is the study of biological rhythms. The most well-known of these biological rhythms is the circadian rhythm, which controls the human[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

This Famous Artist Has Mastered the Art of Getting Motivated Each Day

Twyla Tharp was born in Indiana and was named after the local “Pig Princess” at the Annual Muncie Fair, who went by Twila. It wasn’t the prettiest of starts, but Tharp turned it into something beautiful. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of the modern era. She has toured[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

One Month Sabbatical: I’m Taking June Off From Writing

As regular readers know, I believe that creative genius reveals itself when you show up consistently, put in enough repetitions, and focus on the system rather than the goal. And that is why I have published a new article nearly every Monday and Thursday since November 12, 2012. But I also believe in balance, rejuvenation,[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

Masters of Habit: The Wisdom and Writing of Maya Angelou

Sadly, Maya Angelou, the great American author and poet, has passed away. She was known for her award-winning autobiographies as well as for her numerous plays, scripts, poems, and essays. Her most famous work, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, has sold millions upon millions of copies. It holds the record for the longest-running[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]

Do Things You Can Sustain

In 1996, Southwest Airlines was faced with an interesting problem. During the previous decade, the airline company had methodically expanded from being a small regional carrier to one with a more national presence. And now, more than 100 cities were calling for Southwest to expand service to their location. At a time when many airline[click to continue reading...][click to continue reading...]