Announcing the 2014 Habits Workshop! (A Live Event on January 28th) | James Clear

Announcing the 2014 Habits Workshop! (A Live Event on January 28th)

UPDATE: Registration for the Habits Workshop is now closed.


Next week, I will be hosting a 2-hour workshop that is focused on mastering your habits, kickstarting new behaviors, and sharing the science of behavior change. This Habits Workshop will be 2 hours of the most useful and practical strategies I’ve found for building habits that actually stick (and all backed by science).

Above all else, this 2-hour class is designed to be very practical. You should be able to easily apply many of these strategies to your personal situation and implement many of the ideas immediately.

And with that in mind, here’s what you need to know…

Who Will Find This Workshop Useful?

We all want to become better people — stronger and healthier, more creative and more skilled, a better friend or family member. But even if we get really inspired and start doing things better, it’s tough to actually stick to new behaviors. It’s more likely that this time next year you’ll be doing the same thing than performing a new habit with ease.

The Habits Workshop is all about dealing with these barriers. It will cover specific strategies for getting past the things that so often hold us back: not having enough time, lacking discipline and being inconsistent, not taking action and struggling to get started, losing focus and feeling overwhelmed by how far you need to go, and dealing with self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty.

Regardless of your specific goals, these are problems that we all face. They are issues that prevent us from maximizing our potential and living happy, healthy, and adventurous lives. And that’s why the Habits Workshop will focus on practical strategies for getting past these issues and actually making progress.

Why Am I Teaching This Workshop?

I’ve learned a lot about building better habits over the last few years.

  • I went from writing inconsistently for years to publishing a new article every Monday and Thursday without fail (119 posts in a row so far).
  • I went from working out on a “yo-yo cycle” (two months on, three months off, three months on, etc.) to never missing a workout for an entire year.
  • As an entrepreneur, I went from randomly doing important business tasks “whenever I had time” to building a sales and marketing process that delivered every week.

And I’ve added a ton of small habits too: watching less TV, flossing twice per day, drinking more than 8 glasses of water per day, dressing better on a more consistent basis, tracking monthly expenses, eating more vegetables and less bread, and so on.

Moral of the story: this workshop will be grounded in science, but broken down into simple, easy-to-use steps for real life (many of which I’ve learned and applied through my own experiences).

What Will The Habits Workshop Cover?

There are 3 main problems we will address in this workshop:

1. How do I get started? (How do I stop procrastinating?)

If you think about it, habits are simply a continual exercise in getting started. If you develop a system to “take the first step” each day or each week, then oftentimes the rest of the process will fall into place.

Easier said than done, of course.

In the Habits Workshop, I’m going to cover at least a dozen strategies that will make it easier for you to get started on the habits that are important to you. In other words, we will cover how to take action not just once, but over and over again.

2. I don’t have enough time. (How can I fit new habits into my busy schedule?)

We all have busy lives and responsibilities that we need to handle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress or fulfill your potential.

In this workshop, we’ll cover strategies for 1) avoiding the overwhelm that so often cripples us when we get really busy and 2) incrementally adding slow, consistent gains to make a lot of progress without a much time.

3. I have trouble staying consistent. (How can I build up the discipline and willpower to never stop?)

Most people can get started once or twice. It’s doing it over and over again that is really difficult.

In this workshop, I’m going to share every strategy I know for building habits that actually stick. We are going to cover the science of motivation and willpower: how it works, how to get more of it, and how to design your life so that you make the right decisions even when you don’t feel like it.

Of course, those are just the highlights.

Here are ten more things you’ll learn during the event…

10 More Things You’ll Learn in This Workshop

  1. How to stop obsessing over goals and outcomes and embrace consistent improvement instead.
  2. How to make time for new habits (even when your life gets crazy).
  3. The science of how your brain processes habits.
  4. How to finally turn the corner and stick to a new habit for good.
  5. How to overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.
  6. Common mistakes most people make when starting new habits (and how to avoid them).
  7. How to design your environment to make success easier.
  8. How to make big changes in your life without overwhelming yourself.
  9. How to get back on track when you get off course with your goals.
  10. And most importantly, how to put these ideas into practice in real life.

How Will This Workshop Be Different Than Your Weekly Articles?

There will be three primary differences.

1. Scope. As you can see from the brief outline above, the workshop will be far more comprehensive than any of my weekly articles. (That’s for a reason. A good article focuses on a specific topic or question. Meanwhile, you can cover a lot more ground in a 2-hour workshop.)

The advantage of this is that you’ll be able to get dozens of ideas for building better habits all in one simple package. Regardless of your situation or goals, I’m confident that everyone will come away with at least one strategy they can implement right away to make things easier.

2. New information. There are certain topics that are important for building better habits but, for one reason or another, I haven’t written very much about.

I have only written one article about deliberate practice even though it is at the center of every useful habit. That’s just one example of a handful of topics that will be covered in this workshop that I don’t typically focus on in my articles.

3. Question and Answer Session. The biggest difference is the Question and Answer session at the end of the workshop. The workshop will begin with 90 minutes of “class time” and will finish with a 30-minute “ask anything” question and answer session.

Unlike my articles, this is an opportunity for you to ask specific questions and get immediate feedback. (I’m really excited about this portion!)

Event Details

Event: 2-hour Habits Workshop

Agenda: 90 minutes of class time followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers.

Date: Tuesday, January 28th at 3pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How Will You Attend? Attending the workshop will be very easy for you. You’ll be able to tune-in from anywhere you have a screen and an internet connection. You’ll watch the workshop just like you would watch a YouTube video. (I will email details to all registrants the day before and the day of the event.)

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry. I’m sending a full recording of the event (including the question and answer session) to anyone who registers. So, even if you can’t be there live, you’ll still get a full recording sent to you a few days later.

UPDATE: Registration for the Habits Workshop is now closed.