Why Most People Never Make the Leap From Good to Great

  • Build habits that actually stick. Get addicted to good habits and take control of bad ones. Learn how to make changes that stick.
  • Trim 10 hours off your workweek. Learn the productivity habits you need to get more time in your life and work more effectively.
  • Get in the best shape of your life. Master your health habits at home and in the gym.
  • Design the life you want. Get back in control of your habits and bring freedom into your life.
  • Accelerate your success. Build the habits you need to realize your full potential and elevate your life to a whole new level in a fraction of the time.

What Makes High Achievers Different Than the Rest?

To answer that question, let me tell you a quick story.

Nearly 2,500 years ago, there was a man of incredible strength and athleticism roaming the hills of southern Italy. His name was Milo of Croton and he was almost certainly the most successful wrestler of his day.

Milo was a six-time wrestling champion at the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece. In 540 BC, he won the boys wrestling category and then proceeded to win the men’s competition at the next five Olympic Games in a row.

It is said that Milo built his large muscles and remarkable power through a simple strategy. One day, a newborn calf was born near his home. Milo lifted up the small animal and carried it on his shoulders. The next day, he returned to the pasture and did the same. Milo continued this routine each day for the next four years until he was no longer hoisting a small calf onto his shoulders but a four-year-old bull.

The Surprising Power of Small Habits

The difference a small improvement can make over time is astounding.

For example, imagine improving by just one percent each day. If you get one percent better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done. Meanwhile, if you get one percent worse each day for one year, you'll decline nearly down to zero.

1.01^365 = 37.78
0.99^365 = 0.03

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. They seem to make little difference each day and yet they accumulate very quickly over the months and years. What starts as a small win or a minor setback accumulates into something much more in the long-run.

The person you are right now is the sum of all the moments when you chose to do things one percent better or one percent worse. The actions we repeat each day shape the lives we live and the results we experience. Habits are not just a feature within our lives, they are the sculptor of our lives. The path to a stronger, healthier, and happier life is through a steady series of small decisions and daily habits. And yet how easily we forget this when we want to make a change.

Your Life Today is Essentially the Sum of Your Habits

It is easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis. Too often, we convince ourselves that change is only meaningful when it is accompanied by an immediate reward. Whether it is losing weight, building a business, writing a book, or achieving any other goal, we often put pressure on ourselves to make some earth-shattering improvement that everyone will talk about.

Everyone wants a transformation, but we fail to realize that little choices and small habits are transforming us every day. We falsely believe that the only way to accomplish something significant is to take massive action. We overvalue the shining moments and undervalue the boring days.

On any given day, success and failure look nearly identical. Making a choice that is one percent better or one percent worse seems insignificant in the moment. Over the span of moments that make up our lives, however, these small habits determine the difference between who we are and who we could be. A good life is the natural result of good daily habits.

Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy.

Here's Something to Ask Yourself…

What would your life be like in five years if you let your bad habits flourish, your weaknesses compound, and your foolish mistakes take the upper hand each day?

What about the alternative…

What kind of life could you create for yourself if your good habits accumulated, your most productive days became your normal days, and you showed up as your best self each morning?

Imagine how better habits can lead to meaningful change in your life…

  • What if you finally lost that weight?
  • What if you finally wrote that book?
  • What if you finally started that business?
  • What if you finally fixed your diet?
  • What if you finally read more books?

What would a change like that be worth to you? How would your life improve?

The Hidden Force That Shapes Success and Failure

There is one skill that is so valuable that it will make you a standout in any area of life, no matter what kind of competition you face.

And it's understanding how to change your behavior.

All of the biggest problems in our daily lives are behavioral. Getting into shape. Learning a new language. Writing a book. Eating healthy. Finding a partner. Improving your marriage.

It all starts with habits. If you want a better body or a better career or a better relationship, then you need to take better actions. Nothing happens until someone changes their behavior.

That's why if I could teach you only one skill to maximize your success in life, it would be how to build better habits. Hands down. No contest. There is nothing that has a more wide-ranging and powerful effect on your life than your habits.

Wherever You Want to Go, Better Habits Will Get You There Faster

Again and again, the highest achievers are the ones with the best habits.

Need proof?

Just look at what some of history's greatest men and women have said…


“Watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

—Lao Tzu, Chinese author and founder of Taoism.



“Habits gradually change the face of one's life as time changes one's physical face; and one does not know it.”

—Virginia Woolf, English writer and modernist



“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

–Will Durant, historian. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



“First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you're inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won't. Habit is persistence in practice.” 1

—Octavia E. Butler, author. First science fiction author to win the MacArthur “Genius Grant” winner



“Nothing is stronger than habit.”

-Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), famous poet in Ancient Rome.



“I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.”

—Martha Graham, dance icon and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



“Life is habit. Or rather life is a succession of habits.”

-Samuel Beckett, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature.



“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” 2

—Billie Jean King, former No. 1 tennis player in the world, winner of 39 Grand Slam titles.



“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

—Jim Ryun, Olympic medalist and world record holder in the mile. First high school athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. United States Congressman.



“Most people focus on the wrong thing: They focus on the result, not the process. The process is the sacrifice; it's all the hard parts–the sweat, the pain, the tears, the losses. You make the sacrifices anyway. You learn to enjoy them, or at least embrace them. In the end, it is the sacrifices that must fulfill you.” 3

—Ronda Rousey, first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in judo



“At one time I thought the most important thing was talent. I think now that — the young man or the young woman must possess or teach himself, train himself, in infinite patience, which is to try and to try and to try until it comes right.”

—William Faulkner, winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature.



“Routine is a condition of survival.” 4

—Flannery O'Connor, winner of the 1972 National Book Award in Fiction.



Habits are the master key that unlock our biggest hopes and overcome our most stubborn fears and frustrations. If nothing changes, nothing is going to change. Plain and simple, the most valuable skill you can learn for improving your life is the skill of building better habits.

Anyone Can Change Their Habits. Let Me Show You How.

Most people are guessing when it comes to building better habits. Random strategies. Random bursts of motivation. Random results.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is a scientific formula anyone can follow to get better and fulfill their potential. Follow my step-by-step process. There is zero guesswork involved.

When you were 4 or 5 years old, an adult in your life probably taught you to tie your shoes.

At first, this task was right on the cusp on your abilities as a child. It was challenging and required focus, memorization, and patience. You probably got frustrated and gave up a few times. You probably frequently forgot to tie your shoes altogether, toddling around and tripping on the long laces. But eventually, little by little, you learned and the behavior of tying your shoes became automatic.

Now, you can do it quickly and without even thinking about.

Tying your shoes is a habit, just like the habits you want to build in your life now.

You are capable of transforming your habits. You just need the right strategy and a smart approach.

So many people I talk to feel discouraged and frustrated after trying strategies to change their habits for years without success. They start to feel like a habit can’t be learned at all, and that the entire process is useless and a waste of time.

Yet, from the time we were tiny, we’ve known how to build habits.

No matter the success or failure you’ve faced with habits in your life up to this point, you already know how to build habits. You are already capable of change. The problem isn't you. The problem is your strategy.

But I can help with that.

Who I Am and How I Can Help

Alright, if I was you, I'd probably be wondering who is this James Clear guy and why should I listen to him?

It's a totally fair question, but answering it requires me to brag a little bit.

You should listen to me because I don't just write about these ideas, I live them. Anyone can have an opinion or talk a big game. I think it's incredibly important to “walk the walk.”

My work on habits has been covered by dozens of major media outlets including CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, TIME Magazine, and more.

James Clear speaking at the 2010 St. Gallen Symposium

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of people learn about habits from JamesClear.com every month.

  • 8.4 million people visited JamesClear.com in 2016.
  • 380,000 people get my weekly emails.
  • 156,000 people follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • 5,000 students of my seminars.

I’ve spent the last 5 years talking with leading researchers, reading, writing, and experimenting to find the strategies and explanations behind habits that stick.

Now, for the first time, I'm releasing a comprehensive, yet concise, overview of everything I've learned and everything you need to know to transform your habits and jump to the next stage of your personal evolution.

Let me tell you about it now…


The World’s Most Comprehensive Course on Human Behavior

Introducing, the Habits Master Class. Step-by-step, the Habits Master Class will walk you through everything you need to know to build the habits you need to get the freedom and results you want.

Habits Master Class

Jump to the front of the line and get the Habits Master Class now.


The Best Habits Start With The Best Strategy

THE HABITS MASTER CLASS is the most comprehensive habits course on the Internet, full of research-backed advice and stories to help you build better habits and break bad ones.

It’s all here—from understanding why so many habits fail, to how to stop procrastinating, to getting out of your own way, to becoming a finisher and actually following through on what you set out to do—and it’s all based on proven scientific research.

Everything You Need to Know to Form Any Habit

Each new behavior or habit requires dedicated work, but they are all based on similar principles and strategy. All habits – from smoking to exercising to writing – follow a very similar pattern of reminder, routine, and reward.

There is a common pattern that makes up the fabric of all habits. If you can learn that pattern, you can change your life however you choose.

It's similar to learning to read. First, you had to understand the alphabet and how certain letters and sounds fit together to form words. You had to work hard to get the proper structure or mental framework in place. However, once you understood letters and sounds and how words are formed, you didn't have to work as hard to learn each new word. The structure was there, and you were already familiar with the underlying systems. You established a strong framework, and now it's easy to add building blocks to that base.

If you have multiple habits you want to form or break, you don't have to start over and learn completely new strategies for each habit.

Once you learn the basis for how to change your habits, you can use the same strategy and structure to transform other habits in any area of your life. Health habits, productivity habits, relationship habits – they're all based on the same core principles.

Jump to the front of the line and get the Habits Master Class now.

4 Ways This Course Helps Build Bulletproof Habits

1. Actionable and practical tips (backed by science) that can be applied daily.

Almost every lesson includes a quick and simple action step that you can implement right away, and 11 of the lessons include downloadable worksheets. Additionally, even the most complex lessons offer plenty of diverse examples so you can apply what you're learning to your unique situation.

This course is one of the only ones you'll find that digs into the science, but also includes actionable strategies for everyday life.

2. Stories, research, and examples of people who’ve built habits that stick.

What is the hardest thing about sticking with good habits? Remembering to practice them in the moment! Anyone can follow a strategy as they read about it, but remembering to stick with it in the real world is tough.

Because of this, I have developed a story-based course that is remarkably easy to remember during those crucial moments that make the difference between success and failure.

3. Step-by-step instructions for how to build a new habit by the end of the course.

The course is designed to lead you through the entire process of changing or building a habit.

On Day 1, you’ll select a habit you want to change, and with each passing lesson and day, I’ll tell you how to make that habit stronger. You’ll get specific and actionable strategies every step of the way – from picking that first habit, to following through day after day, to building a strong habit that will last a lifetime.

4. Setup and lessons that are designed for lasting value.

The course isn’t just good for that first habit. Throughout, I’ll also weave in fascinating stories and research about how your genetics, environment, and mindset all impact habits.

You won’t just learn how to build habits; you’ll also learn everything about how habits work, and how you can make them work for you. You’ll want to come back to this course again and again – even after you’ve accomplished the addition of your first new habit.

Preview Lessons

Get a sneak peak at 2 of the lessons in the Habits Master Class.

Smart Ways to Trigger a New Habit

How to Sail Through Life With the Wind At Your Back

Jump to the front of the line and get the Habits Master Class now.

Explore the Habits Master Class in Detail…

Learn more about some of the lessons you’ll love. Here's a look at the Habits Master Class at a glance.

Module 1

Module 1 is called The Surprising Power of Small Habits.

In this module, you'll learn about the core philosophy of this course: small habits and tiny gains. When we start a new habit, we often thing we need to change our lives overnight. This module will explain why it's actually smarter to focus on small, gradual improvements. You'll see just how significant the accumulation of small habits can be.

You'll also learn how habits work, and we'll talk about the cycle (or loop) that all habits share.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: The 1 Percent Rule: Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference
  • Lesson 3: The Habits Loop and How Habits Work
  • Lesson 4: How Long Does it Take to Form a New Habit?
  • Lesson 5: A Simple Plan to Overhaul Your Habits

Module 2

Module 2 is called How to Build Habits That Will Last a Lifetime.

Anyone can stick to a new habit for a day, or a week, or maybe even a few weeks. We’re not interested in habits that fail, though. Module 2 will give you the essential information for building habits that will actually stick (for good).

  • Lesson 6: How to Create Hot Triggers
  • Lesson 7: How to Set an Anchor Task and Fit New Habits Into Your Life
  • Lesson 8: How to Actually Follow Through on What You Set Out to Do
  • Lesson 9: How to Get Addicted To Taking Action
  • Lesson 10: How to Build a Habit That Sticks for Good
  • Lesson 11: How to Be Motivated Every Day
  • Lesson 12: The Secret to Breakthrough Success

Module 3

Module 3 is called Environment: The Shape of Habit.

The first two modules give you the basics for forming a new habit. Module 3 starts getting more into the underlying forces that shape our habits. A lot of this is brand new material I’ve never written or talked about anywhere else. In Module 3, you'll learn how to radically change your behavior through environment changes and how to design an environment that makes your habits easy.

  • Lesson 13: The Invisible Engine That Drives Human Behavior
  • Lesson 14: The Best Way to Rapidly Transform Your Habits
  • Lesson 15: What to do When Your Willpower is Weak
  • Lesson 16: How to Achieve More With Less Effort
  • Lesson 17: How to Make Good Habits Automatic

Module 4

Module 4 is called Genetics: The Desire of Habit.

In this module, you'll learn the influence of genetics on habits we want to build, how to make sure you’re only fighting battles you can win, and how to stop comparing yourself to others.

  • Lesson 18: The Link Between Environment and Behavior
  • Lesson 19: How to Sail Through Life with the Wind at Your Back
  • Lesson 20: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Module 5

Module 5 is all about Mindset and how to shift your mindset to see the world in a different way.

In this module, you'll learn why one small shift in mindset can change your entire life, how to become the type of person that achieves their goals, how to stop being your own biggest roadblock,  why simplifying and doubling down on just one habit can ripple through and improve multiple areas of your life.

  • Lesson 21: How One Small Habit Can Change Your Entire Life
  • Lesson 22: How to Actually Stick to Your Goals
  • Lesson 23: How to Stop Being Your Own Biggest Roadblock and Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Lesson 24: How to Set Off a Chain-Reaction of Small Wins

Module 6

Module 6 is all about Feedback and making motivation last with smart feedback loops.

In this module, you'll learn how feedback loops influence the behaviors we have and how to build loops into your everyday life to measure your progress. You'll also learn how to get feedback on long-term behaviors and how to get back on track after slipping up.

  • Lesson 25: Common Mental Errors That Sway Your Behavior
  • Lesson 26: Feedback Loops
  • Lesson 27: How to Stop Making Little “Exceptions” and Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Lesson 28: How to Make Motivation Last
  • Lesson 29: How to Get Back on Track After Slipping Up

Module 7

Module 7 is all about How to Break a Bad Habit.

We’ve covered some strategies for breaking bad habits in previous lessons, but this module really digs into the specific things you need to know about why we get hooked on bad habits and how to stop them once and for all.

  • Lesson 30: Why It’s So Easy to Get Hooked on Bad Habits
  • Lesson 31: How to Spot the Root Causes of a Bad Habit
  • Lesson 32: How to Break a Bad Habit Once and For All
  • Lesson 33: How to Get Out of the All-or-Nothing Mindset

Module 8

Module 8 is the Bonus Module.

This module is a collection of additional, unrelated thoughts on how to build better habits. In Module 8, you'll learn about the impact of culture and social situations on your habits, why you should master one thing at a time, how to make habits more resilient, and more.

  • Lesson 34: Course Wrap-Up: How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality
  • Lesson 35: The Power of Culture and Social Situation to Shape Our Behavior
  • Lesson 36: Master One Thing At a Time
  • Lesson 37: The Chemistry of Building Better Habits
  • Lesson 38: How We Convince Ourselves to Keep Falling for the Same Excuses
  • Lesson 39: Self-Awareness
  • Lesson 40: Overlap Principle

Results That Speak for Themselves

“I believe the Habits Master Class contains the best habits material I've read, seen, or heard.” -Al

“The content is so applicable to so many different areas of life, from work to personal goals. LOVED IT!” -Jenny

“I'm excited to put the information to work. The presentation is clear and concise with great resources and scientific documentation. Truth be told, you had me at Seinfeld! What I love most about this seminar is the simplistic breakdown on how to take baby steps for lack of a better example. And that is exactly what I need. Replacing bad habits really hit home. I will be listening again and again. Thank you!” -Christine

“Super informative. I felt like I got some great insights into habits and how they are formed. I thought the seminar was super deep on information.” -William

“It was very informative and useful in a practical way.” -Yossi

“Just a ton of great content, and everything was explained in a way that was simple and made sense. I have already begun to implement some of the techniques, and they work great.” -Vincent

“Outstanding grasp of the content presented in a very logical and progressive order.” -Steve

How to Get the Course at its Lowest Price

Think of all the time and energy (and maybe even money) you've spent trying to build better habits and break bad habits. That can all stop right here. The Habits Master Class is designed to help you build habits (and a knowledge base about habits) that will last a lifetime, so you can stop wasting your resources on strategies and products that don't work.

Keep in mind, though, this course is for people who are ready to take action.

Changing your habits is never easy, and I’m not here to sell you some quick “trick.” Those don’t exist. But if you’re willing to work hard and learn, this course can help you transform your habits and, in turn, transform your life.

I want to reward people who take action. Because of that, I'm offering the Habits Master Class at a discounted price to you for a limited time. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make progress toward your goals.

You can get the Habits Master Class for only $249, or get the Habits Starter Class for only $99.

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  • 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't love it, I'll refund you. It's as simple as that.
Habits Starter Class
12 high-quality lessons
Downloadable audio and video lessons
3 downloadable worksheets
Unlimited access to the course
100% money-back guarantee
Habits Master Class
40 high-quality video lessons
Downloadable audio and video lessons
11 downloadable worksheets
Unlimited access to the course
100% money-back guarantee

You can also pay for the Habits Master Class in 3 monthly installments of $99Submit my order with this payment plan.


The best investment you will make this year. Guaranteed.

Every student in the Habits Master Class is protected by “The World's Greatest Guarantee.” What does that mean? Simple. Every purchase is protected by a full money-back guarantee that lasts for one year from the date of purchase.

Most guarantees are limited to 30 days or 60 days. But I understand that life can get crazy sometimes. If something comes up, you might not get to all of the material in the first few weeks. And for that reason, you can take the entire course, and if you're not satisfied for any reason or at any time in the first year, just let me know and you'll get your money back. We'll refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

That's why buying the Habits Master Class is a win-win situation.

The “worst” case scenario is you check out the course, test drive some of the best ideas on how to build better habits, and—if it turns out to not be for you—get all of your money back for “wasting” a bit of your time exploring this important topic.

The “best” case scenario is that, like thousands of previous students, the ideas in this course help you see the world in a new way, transform your habits, and realize your full potential. Either way, you get to try the Habits Master Class risk-free and with complete peace of mind.

The Habits Master Class is filled with practical, down-to-earth ideas for transforming your habits and changing your behavior for the long-term. I'm confident that you'll be happy with the course. But if you're not, then I think you should get your money back.

The Habits Master Class is an investment in yourself, your skills, and your potential. And investing in yourself shouldn't be a risk. I'm trusting you to put in your best effort and do the right thing. And that means you should be able to trust me to do the same. I've got your back.

Common Questions

At this point, you may be wondering…

What do I get when I join The Habits Master Class?

You'll get immediate access to the full course. The course is self-directed so you can go at your own pace. If you want to dive into everything right now, you can.

How is this different than your free material? Will I learn anything new or is this a re-hash of your articles and books?

First, this course is the only spot where you can find all of my best ideas organized in one place. I've taken anything that was good from my books and articles, made it better, and integrated it into my most comprehensive course on habits and human behavior.

Second, when I created this course one of my goals was to find and resolve any gaps in my thinking. I set out to identify anything that needed attention and get things completely ironed out. Even though I have written about habits for years, there were still questions that persisted and key points that needed to be clarified. This course refines all of my previous ideas with numerous examples and new stories that help clarify how habits work and what we can do to change them. This isn't the same stuff with a few new ideas sprinkled in. Many of the lessons in the course include information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Third, there are certain things you can do in a course that simply don't make sense with an article or a book. Reading is primarily a passive experience. Inside a course, however, you can get the active guidance you need to make change stick. For example, we created an 8-week accountability email course that goes hand-in-hand with the Habits Master Class. It's free and you'll get it automatically when you sign up. This sort of on-going guided experience isn't possible when you read a book or an article.

Why should I trust you?

Fair question. Who is this James Clear guy, anyway? I've already discussed a lot of my work on this page, so let's talk about some outside proof.

My social media accounts are verified on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Millions of people read my articles each month and hundreds of thousands subscribe to my weekly email newsletter. My work has been featured in TIME, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and many other outlets.

I'm not saying this to brag or act like I'm super famous because I'm not. I can walk through the airport just fine and nobody gives me a second glance. My point is simply that a lot of other people trust my ideas, which I think is a good sign that I'm putting out quality work you can trust.

But here's the best reason to not worry: if you get into the course and you think I'm a total weirdo, you can always ask for a full refund. Every course is protected by our 100 percent, money-back guarantee. It's risk-free on your end.

I’m so busy right now. Will I have time for this?

You might be thinking, “Building better habits sounds great, but I don't have time for a bunch of new stuff. I barely have control of my time and schedule. And I definitely don't have tons of free time.”

If you think you're too busy, you need this course the most. Mastering your habits can free up the time and space you need to regain freedom and design a life that works the way you want.

Plus, the Habits Master Class has been designed to deliver the maximum amount of value in the minimum amount of time. Each lesson is five minutes or less, which means you can watch two lessons per day in just ten minutes. At that pace, you could finish the entire course in less than 30 days.

Bottom Line: Give me 10 minutes per day for 30 days, and I'll prove the Habits Master Class is worth every penny.

Will this work for me? What if I had trouble changing my habits in the past?

Nobody can guarantee if something will work for you or not because success depends on many factors including the time and effort you put into the task. But I know you're not looking for an answer like “It depends” or “Well, it's really complicated,” so consider this:

Everyone has tried and failed at changing their habits—myself included. Failure is part of the game. A better question to ask is, “Why do we struggle to change our habits?” If we understand what takes us of course, then we can develop better solutions to stay on track. That's why I built this course with the most common failures and plateaus in mind.

Ask yourself if any of these common issues sound familiar:

  • You start out strong, but when other things come up in life it seems all too easy to “fall off the wagon.”
  • You want to change, but there is never enough time in the day. Everything feels like a priority.
  • You struggle to get started. Procrastination takes over. Every day, you say “I'll start tomorrow.”
  • You're great at planning to build better habits, but terrible at follow through.
  • You get overwhelmed. Once you start thinking about all of the things you need to change, you get paralyzed.
  • You start a small habit, but get bored with the slow progress. Your motivation fades. You chase something new.
  • You stay determined for a week and then wreck everything in a day or two. Back to square one.
  • You dream about making a change. But when the time comes to act, you lose the ability to make a hard choice.
  • You feel stuck. It seems that you’ve tried everything and that nothing works for you.

If you've dealt with any of these challenges, then good. This course was built for you. Each challenge is discussed in-depth along with dozens of practical strategies to help you get back on track when you slip up.

How soon can I expect results?

This course is for people who are ready to take action. Changing your habits is rarely easy, and I’m not here to sell you some quick “trick.” Those don’t exist. But if you’re willing to work hard and learn, this course can help you transform your habits and, in turn, transform your life. Of course, building habits is a process, not an event. It's a shift in lifestyle. That said, with the principles in this course you will start building new habits right away.

What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

You might be thinking, “I want to invest in the course, but I don't want to lose money or waste my time.” Totally reasonable. Ask for a full refund. Easy peasy.

Do I need to buy anything special or additional to make this work?

Nope. The course is all you need. Now, in addition to the course, I offer a variety of bonus resources like book suggestions—if you want supporting material. But this is all supplementary, not required.

What if I still have questions?

I totally understand. Send us an email at anytime and tell us what you’re concerned about.

Here’s what happens when you sign up.

The moment you log in to the Habits Master Class, your course is laid out before you in a simple fashion. Your course is filled with practical insights and useful lessons. From the moment you join the course, you’re off and running. A layout that is so easy to use, you’ll be learning effortlessly just a few minutes from now.

You'll get actionable and practical tips (backed by science) that can be applied daily. Almost every lesson includes a quick and simple action step that you can implement right away, and 11 of the lessons include downloadable worksheets. Additionally, even the most complex lessons offer plenty of diverse examples so you can apply what you're learning to your unique situation.

When you join the Habits Master Class, you get immediate access to all course lessons. If you'd like, we'll hold your hand all the way through the process. It starts with an email with login instructions. Then, each week we follow up with a short summary of the lesson we're focusing on that week and instructions on how to get the most out of the course. We make it so simple, you can't fall off the wagon.

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