Mental Models: Timeless Strategies for Living and Thinking Effectively

What is a Mental Model?

What are mental models? A mental model is a framework or theory that helps to explain why the world works the way it does. Each mental model is a concept that helps us make sense of the world and offers a way of looking at the problems of life.

Many of the most important mental models are the big ideas in each of the major academic disciplines—biology, chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy. For example, some of the big ideas in economics include Comparative Advantage, Incentives, and Scarcity. Each one is a mental model. Thus, the phrase “mental model” is an overarching term for any sort of framework that helps us understand life.

There are thousands of mental models, but the best ones apply broadly to life and are useful in a wide range of situations. After many hours of research, I have simplified my list of mental models down from over 900 to a few dozen that carry most of the weight in life. You can find my articles on those mental models below.

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