You can think of my weekly articles as the place where I share incremental lessons on how to build habits that stick and live better. I share the lessons I learn week-by-week in my stories and articles. Meanwhile, my books are where I share more comprehensive analysis on these topics.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

The instant New York Times best-seller!

My first book, Atomic Habits, offers a proven framework for getting 1 percent better every day. It’s the ultimate guide on how to design a system where good habits emerge naturally and unwanted habits fade away.

The Clear Habit Journal

Finally, a journal that makes it easy to build habits that last.

The Clear Habit Journal is a combination daily journal, dot grid notebook, and habit tracker. It delivers the structure you need to get the daily tasks done quickly and the flexibility you want to handle whatever else life throws at you.

Atomic Habit Special Edition engraved pens

Premium rollerball pens laser engraved with popular quotes from Atomic Habits.

Based on Atomic Habits, these special edition pens each feature a key idea from the book. You’ll be reminded of the power of small habits every time you pick up your pen.