I recently signed a major book deal with Penguin Random House and I am working on my first full-length hardcover book right now. Readers on the weekly newsletter will be the first to hear about it when it launches.

You can think of my weekly articles as the place where I share incremental lessons on how to build habits that stick and live better. I share the lessons I learn week-by-week in my stories and articles. Meanwhile, my books are where I share more comprehensive analysis on these topics.

I also have two ebooks that are free to download.

Transform Your Habits

45 pages of science-based ideas on how to build habits that stick, break bad habits, and master behavior change. Click here to learn more and download it now.

Transform Your Habits by James Clear

Mastering Creativity

36 pages on how creativity works, how to overcome the mental blocks that all artists face, and how to make creative thinking a habit. Complete with lessons learned from many of the greatest artists, musicians, and writers in the world including Pablo Picasso, Franz Kafka, and Dr. Seuss. Click here to learn more and download it now.

Mastering Creativity by James Clear