Hi, I’m James Clear.

I'm an author, photographer, and weightlifter focused on habits and decision making. My writing combines ideas from a wide range of disciplines — biology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and more. My goal is to learn and share the most important concepts for building better habits and mastering the routines that shape our life and work.

My work has been covered by dozens of major media outlets including The New York Times, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, TIME Magazine, and more. I don't have all the answers, but I'm happy to share what I've learned so far. Want to hear more? Read my full story.

The Mission

At the core of my work is a simple, but powerful question: How can we live better?

The first way I try to answer that question is to take the complex and make it simple to understand. What are the fundamental forces that shape our success and failure? What common misconceptions do we have about the way the world works? What are the organizing principles that determine the growth and improvement of all living systems?

The second way I try to answer that question is to apply these insights to everyday life. What are the most effective ways to turn proven scientific research into tangible results? How can we pinpoint the hidden roadblocks in our lives and overcome our mental barriers? How can we become the architect of our habits rather than the victim of them?

My ultimate goal is to answer a question that lies at the core of what it means to be human: is it possible to master the habits that shape our lives and, if so, how do we do it? My hope is that—even if I can only answer this question in a modest way—my work will save you time, make you more effective, and help you build better habits.

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