“More effort is wasted doing things that don’t matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently.

Elimination is the highest form of optimization.”


“We cannot predict the value our work will provide to the world. That’s fine. It is not our job to judge our own work. It is our job to create it, to pour ourselves into it, and to master our craft as best we can.”


“You can increase your surface area for good luck by taking action.

The forager who explores widely will find lots of useless terrain, but is also more likely to stumble across a bountiful berry patch than the person who stays home.

Similarly, the person who works hard, pursues opportunity, and tries more things is more likely to stumble across a lucky break than the person who waits.”



Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson on maintaining a mindset of flexibility:

“If I need things to be a certain way, I'm held hostage by them.”

Source: Series Two: Jonny Wilkinson


Author and poet Maya Angelou on how hard it is to make it look easy:

“I try to pull the language into such a sharpness that it jumps off the page. It must look easy, but it takes me forever to get it to look so easy. Of course, there are those critics — New York critics as a rule — who say, Well, Maya Angelou has a new book out and of course it’s good but then she’s a natural writer. Those are the ones I want to grab by the throat and wrestle to the floor because it takes me forever to get it to sing. I work at the language.”

Source: The Paris Review Interviews: Volume IV


An insightful question from Steph Smith:

“How much of what you did today was simply due to inertia?

Never get so busy that you forget to actively design your life.”

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