“If you genuinely care about the goal, you’ll focus on the system.”


“Successes are revised mistakes.”


“Amazing social skills are a superpower.

The ability to deliver bad news in a good way is a superpower.

The ability to de-escalate a tense situation into a calm one is a superpower.

The ability to transform a lose/win situation into a win/win situation is a superpower.”



John F. Kennedy on gratitude:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Source: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1963


Writer and entrepreneur Kevin Kelly on making life count:

“I am now 55 years old. Like a lot of people in middle age my late-night thoughts bend to contemplations about how short my remaining time is. Even with increasing longevity there is not enough time to do all that I want. Nowhere close. My friend Stewart Brand, who is now 69, has been arranging his life in blocks of 5 years. Five years is what he says any project worth doing will take. From moment of inception to the last good-riddance, a book, a campaign, a new job, a start-up will take 5 years to play through. So, he asks himself, how many 5 years do I have left? He can count them on one hand even if he is lucky. So this clarifies his choices. If he has less than 5 big things he can do, what will they be?”

Source: My Life Countdown


Some questions to consider before you speak:

Does this need to be said?

Does this need to be said by me?

Does this need to be said by me right now?

Until next week,

James Clear
Author of the million-copy bestseller, Atomic Habits
Creator of the Habit Journal

p.s. “I can't believe it's not butter.

p.p.s. Thanks to Andrew Hitz for sharing today's questions with me.

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