Free upgrade to new
Habits Class layout

I'm continually working to improve the course for students like you. I'm excited to share a new layout for the course that you can upgrade to for free.

Here's how to access the new layout: 

  • Go to this link that contains the new login page
  • Enter your email address. It should be the same email address you used to buy the course.
  • Enter the password you received via email after you purchased. You can change this password after creating an account, if you'd like, by clicking the little avatar in the top right, then clicking “Edit profile.” This link should get you to that page once you're logged in.

From there, you may be directed to create a free MyTeachable account. Teachable is the course-building software I used to create this new design of the class. This process is free and super simple.

This new layout is much more user-friendly and allows you to mark lessons as “done” and track your progress through the course.