Podcast Referral Prize: Directions

This is simple: I'm hiring a podcast writer/researcher/producer, and I want to find the most exceptional person possible. As a result, I am paying $3,000 to whoever refers the winning candidate.

There are 2 steps to get the referral prize:

1. If you know someone great, please tell them about the position and send them this link: jamesclear-com-staging.uar9g7bv-liquidwebsites.com/podcast-producer-and-writer

2. Send an email to [email protected] and tell me the name of the person you referred. If they win the job, I'll send you the money.

Important: if the same candidate is referred by multiple people, the first person to refer them gets the credit.

That's it! Thanks for spreading the word. I'm very grateful for your support. Working with exceptional people helps me share useful ideas with the world.

Thank you!

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