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I was asked to be the opening keynote speaker at a conference in Budapest, Hungary. The talk was titled “The Surprising Power of Small Habits.” It is about why small habits can make a big difference in life and work, and what you can do to build habits that last. This is one of my most popular keynote speech topics.

Keynote Speaker on Habits and Continuous Improvement

As a keynote speaker, I talk about how to build better habits and improve your mental and physical performance.

  • The central question I try to answer in my work is, “How can we live better?”
  • In each speech my goal is to explain the link between proven science and practical application in a way that audiences can easily understand and actually use.
  • Over 8 million people read my articles each year and more than 400,000 people subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.

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Testimonials and Praise

From small businesses to massive companies, I have delivered keynote speeches and trained thousands of leaders at top organizations around the world including Lululemon, Entrepreneur Magazine, Top Golf, and more.

Keynote speaker testimonial by Dan SommerDan Sommer
CEO of Trilogy Education Services
“James delivered a compelling presentation about habit change and personal productivity that will influence how our students stretch themselves to pursue new opportunities. His work is clear and actionable in a way that breaks down some of the most challenging barriers that we all have to overcome. I would highly recommend James to any organization seeking to accomplish great things.”

Keynote speaker testimonial by Laura BlanchardLaura Blanchard
North America Training Manager at Lululemon

“James is a strong, confident facilitator and his message was easily understood by the audience. He did a great job teaching and facilitating a conversation with our group about habits. It was a great experience and our team got a lot of valuable ideas from the time spent.”

Keynote speaker testimonial by Jayson GaignardJayson Gaignard
Founder of Mastermind Talks

“Mastermind Talks is an invite-only event for high-level executives, CEOs, and startup founders. It’s a demanding and intelligent audience. I was lucky enough to have James lead a roundtable session at our event, and to date it has not only been our most attended roundtable, but the highest rated by our audience as well.

I am blessed to be in the position where I have access to a deep pool of some of the most well-known thought leaders of our time. When it comes to habits, James is the first expert that comes to mind. I would have James back at our event in a heartbeat. I can’t recommend working with him enough.”

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