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Hi there. Thanks for thinking of me.

This page contains contact information for common situations.

  1. General feedback
  2. Newsletter signup
  3. Speaking and interviews
  4. Atomic Habits requests
  5. Referral count support
  6. Customer support
  7. Promotion, collaboration, and advisory requests
  8. Republishing permissions and quote requests

1. General Feedback

If you want to ask a question, offer feedback, or just say thank you, then please contact me on Twitter. You can also find me on Instagram, but I respond less frequently there. If those options don't work for you, please know that I genuinely do appreciate your support and interest in my work.

2. Newsletter Signup

I have one email newsletter. On Thursdays, I send out my popular 3-2-1 messages. I also write longer articles from time to time (typically sent on Mondays). Click here to sign up.

(If that link doesn't work, then please submit this form and I can add you to the newsletter manually.)

3. Speaking and Interviews

Speaking. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please click here to learn more and submit a request.

Interviews. If you have an interview or media request, please fill out this form.

4. Atomic Habits requests

Atomic Habits purchase bonuses. If you want to redeem your bonuses for purchasing Atomic Habits, then please forward your purchase receipt to [email protected]

Resources and links mentioned in the book. If you are having trouble accessing the resources and links mentioned in Atomic Habits, then please send an email to [email protected] and we will send the links to you directly.

Bulk purchases (USA delivery). For orders of 25 copies or fewer, Amazon is usually the cheapest and fastest option. For orders of more than 25 copies, please place your order through Debra Boggs at Gramercy Books. You can contact her at [email protected]

Bulk purchases (delivery outside USA). For bulk purchases that need to be shipped outside the United States, please place your order through Ryan Schleicher at Porchlight Books. His email is [email protected]

Republishing material from Atomic Habits. My publisher is Penguin Random House, which means they control the permissions and rights for the book. You can request permission for excerpts and portions of the book at this website. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions from the same website.

For requests to publish material I have written in articles or in other locations outside the book, please see the section on republishing permissions (number 8).

5. Referral Count Support

Every subscriber to my newsletter has a custom referral link they can use to share the newsletter and earn rewards. You can check your referral count and find your custom link here.

If the system is showing the wrong referral count for you, you can manually update how many people you've referred by filling out the form here.

6. Customer Support

First, thank you! I work hard to create products that are the best in the world in their category and I really do appreciate your support.

Habit Journal support. Baron Fig publishes the Clear Habit Journal. If you have a question about the product or your purchase, please email [email protected]

Habits Academy support. Thank you for your purchase! If you have a customer support request or otherwise need help, please fill out this form.

All other requests. Finally, if you are a customer and you have a question that does not fit the above categories, please submit a request here.

7. Promotion, Collaboration, and Advisory Requests

Thank you for thinking of me. Unfortunately, I have to decline promotion, collaboration, and advisory requests.

Guest posts. This is not something I do. Please do not submit guest post requests. I have never run a guest post on

Ads and sponsored content. Again, this is not something I do. Please do not submit advertising or sponsorship requests. I do not run ads, accept sponsored posts, or create sponsored content on

Backlinks and newsletter promotion. I do not “trade backlinks” or do reciprocal newsletter or social media promotion. My driving principle is to create and share incredibly useful content that will benefit my readers. This means the only way to make it into my articles or to be featured in my newsletter is to create something so exceptional that I am compelled to share it because of its quality and usefulness.

Product feedback. I hear from many people creating wonderful and interesting products. Unfortunately, I do not have time to provide feedback on them. That said, I believe in the power and importance of entrepreneurs and creators. I hope your project is a success.

Advisory requests. I am not interested in advisory roles or board seats. My focus is on creating great work and expanding my own business.

8. Republishing Permissions and Quote Requests

Republishing quotes or passages from my articles. You are permitted to quote passages from my articles of less than 250 words. These quotes can be included on your website, in articles/newsletters/publications, and in books as long as (1) you cite “James Clear” as the author of the quote and (2) you link back to the original article on

For requests to use material from Atomic Habits, please see the earlier section on Atomic Habits (number 4).

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