The Book in One Sentence

A book of 73 photos by master landscape photographer Christopher Burkett.

Intimations of Paradise summary

This is my book summary of Intimations of Paradise by Christopher Burkett.

  • Burkett spends two months shooting and ten months processing his images. Interesting and it says a lot about what it takes to create great work.
  • Burkett has this composition of trees he repeats over and over where he will fill the frame with color by cropping out the edges of these branches. I really like it after seeing him do it so well. Plate 3 and Plate 10 are great examples.
  • He does a great job of backlighting trees in autumn with dark backgrounds. Really makes the image pop. Plate 5, Plate 8, and Plate 40 are great examples.
  • The vertical lines in his images are fantastic. Plate 20, for example.
  • Plate 33 and Plate are fascinating. It is so hard to take a macro of tree trunks and rock walls, but these are really good.
  • He does a remarkable job of using the surrounding landscape features to frame the focal point of the image. Plate 59 and Plate 68 are masterful.
  • I love how he produces incredible images while still maintaining the imperfections of nature. The leaves have holes. The branches are broken. And yet, the images are breathtaking. They feel so real.

My Favorite Images

  • Frontispiece
  • Plate 3
  • Plate 8
  • Plate 9 – maybe my favorite image in the whole book
  • Plate 10 – favorite
  • Plate 12
  • Plate 20 – favorite
  • Plate 21 – favorite
  • Plate 22 – favorite
  • Plate 26
  • Plate 30
  • Plate 36
  • Plate 39 – favorite
  • Plate 41
  • Plate 42
  • Plate 52 – favorite
  • Plate 55
  • Plate 63
  • Plate 68
  • Plate 71
  • Plate 72

Intimations of Paradise by Christopher Burkett

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