James Clear

Hi, I’m James Clear.

I’m an entrepreneur, weightlifter, and

travel photographer in 20+ countries.


Before I tell you my story, let’s talk about why this website is useful for you.

Like you, I’m battling to become better and trying to put a small dent in my corner of the universe. I write about the struggle that we all face to become better leaders, better workers, and better people — and how improving our health can help us do that.

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll find here…

  • Proven ways to get strong, reverse injury, and cure disease
  • Ideas for improving your work and your health at the same time
  • Why art is healthy (and why creating more can save your life)

Transform Your Habits by James Clear

Plus, you’ll get my photos from around the world and much, much more…

All of this is delivered to you through a delightful blend of scientific research, my own experiments, and easy–to–understand writing.

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Want to know more?

This website is the digital home of my work around the world. Most notably, you’ll find my blog, which is all about the unique blend of science, grit, and creativity that is required to improve your health (and everything else that matters to you).

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. As my dad would say, “I’m just a country boy trying to make a difference.”

Want to hear more? You can read my full story here.